The Practical Guide to Increasing Smart TV Internet ‘Channels’ using a Smart Phone or Tablet

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The main change in the expected functionality of the traditional television set, or ‘Dumb’ TV, in the last few years

is the ability to do rather more than passively watch scheduled broadcast television programmes. A ‘Smart TV’ is a

TV set which has ‘integrated network connectivity’, it can ‘see’ the home network, and through it is connected to

the Internet.

All Smart TVs are supplied, by their manufacturers, to the consumer with pre-installed ‘apps’ and pre-determined

internet ‘channels’. While, it is generally the case that, the user is able to expand the number of installed ‘apps’

quiet easily from a selection made available by the manufacturer via the internet, it is not usually as easy to

increase the number of pre-installed internet ‘channels’ or add user defined internet ‘channels’.

This eBook provides all the practical instructions that the reader requires to add two Internet ‘channel’

DLNA®/uPnP™ Compliant Digital Media Server ‘apps’ to their home broadband network, the first provides 21 internet

‘channels’ additional may be selected by, and tailored to the interests of, the user. Add ABC News, Animal Planet,

BREAK: Funny Videos Daily, CNN International, CollegeHumor Originals, Discovery Channel, ELLO,

Hollywood TV – Celebrity Breaking News, MetallicaTV, MIND-BLOWING 1 Minute Facts!, New episode every TUES & FRI.,

Popstar! Magazine, Popular on YouTube, REUTERS, SHOWTIME, Simon’s Cat, Team Coco, The Ellen DeGeneres Show,

The Official Madonna YouTube Channel, VEVO and the VideoBashComedy’s channel and more!

The second Internet ‘channel’ Digital Media Server ‘app’ used allows the reader to choose from over 100 specially

curated channels Movie Channels by Wibi, BLVD (Live), Film Chest, Osiris, Gordon Films Inc, Internet Movies Archive.

News Channels by The Washington Post, BBC News, CNN, FOX News, TIME, DW (Live), The New York Times, The Guardian,

Sky News. Video Channels by You Tube, VIMRO, Live Leak,, metacafe. Technology Channels by engadget,

WIRED, CIO, TWiT, Beet.TV. Listen to music on Party’s, laugh with Break or learn with Discovery.

This eBook is highly graphical in nature in order to minimise the amount of text the reader is presented with, this

is reflected in the high page count and larger than usual file size of the eBook, it moves very quickly after a

little reading into ‘hands-on’ practical demonstrations.

No advanced technical aspects of the underlying networking technology are discussed. No prior knowledge or advanced

technical skills are required to achieve the final result. The reader is not required to understand, and will not be

presented with, any technical details of the networking techniques used.

Concise text and illustrated full-colour descriptions are used to introduce the basic principles media file ‘streaming’.

Step-by-step,click-by-click full-colour screenshots demonstrate the downloading, installing and use of all the required

Internet ‘channel’ Digital Media Server software used for ‘streaming’ internet ‘channels’, all of which is completely

free and fully functioning, unless described otherwise.

The addition of valid, and the removal of invalid, user-defined internet ‘channels’ is demonstrated using Step-by-step,

click-by-click full-colour screenshots. A selection of 45 example user-defined internet ‘channels’ are provided in order

that the reader may familarise him or herself with the process of adding valid user-defined internet ‘channels’.

In order to ensure the accuracy and quality of the content of its’ publications, it is the policy of a2d Studio Products

to apply any updates and corrections to it’s publications it sees fit at any time after the publication date, this eBook

underwent such updates and corrections on 17th March 2014, purchasers are advised to check periodically for the

application of such future updates and corrections to this publication.

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