Adapter: An Unconventional Career Path to Get Women to the Top

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Passions are hard to pinpoint; easy to neglect. In her new book, Adapter: An Unconventional Career Path to Get Women to the Top, Beatriz Perret-Gentil details her success in combining her passions with a lucrative and challenging career. Entertaining and visionary: she wants to become a true global citizen. All too few young women have this goal because of personal fears and society’s barriers. Beatriz’s book disrupts that with three main ideas:

• Having an international career and work experience will get you farther.
• Adapting to your new home will make it or break it.
• The world will be very different and volatile in the next decade, and you should be the one who sets the trend and learns to adapt.

In this honest and compelling read, influenced by role models and favorite magazines, Beatriz will teach you how to prepare for an international career and how to get the job you want. There are no more excuses to join the number of dissatisfied and disengaged workers in the most convenient place.

Book Blurbs:

“This book shows courage and enthusiasm needed to keep up with global trends.”
– Emiliana Vegas, Chief of the Education Division at the Inter-American Development Bank.

“This book will challenge the gender stereotypes around the world. A great call by Beatriz to have more women leaders.”
– María Corina Machado, Venezuelan Political Leader

“Adapter is an innovative approach to get more women to the top.”
– Suzan Rivetti, CEO of Johnson & Johnson for Latin America.

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