Z4 MPEG-2 HD Receiver


Z4 MPEG-2 HD Receiver

Main Function :

Fully DVB-S / MPEG-2 compliant.

Max. 2500 channels and max.64 satellites memory space.

6 favorite channel groups.

C/ku band satellites.

Channel search in an automatic blind scan.

SCPC & MCPC receivable from

Input frequency    :  950-2150 MHz.

Symbol Rate: 2-45 MB/S

OSD: 256 colors on-screen display.

Video System      :   PAL / NTSC, Auto

DiSEqC Switch     :   1.0 /1.1 /1.2

Voltage: 14/18V

Tone         :   22K / Auto

Multi-Language: Yes

Multi-language audio: Yes

USB 2.0  : Yes  (PVR – Record and Play / SW Upgrade)

Multi-Channel grid function: Yes

Timer Function: Yes

Please Note: By USB 2.0 port you can record and play. but outside video files can not play.

Also, you can not play recorded media to another device.

Z4 MPEG-2, USB PVR Digital dB meter / Set-Top Box

Best use for find signal of any satellites ,because it has signal button

best MPEG-2, USB PVR Digital dB meter / Set-Top Box



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