Sun Direct DTH Set Top Box | 6 Months NCF Package Free

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Includes DTH Box & Remote

Device Type High Definition
Technology MPEG4
Resolution 1080i
Recorder Yes
Memory External (USB Recording)
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Sound Quality 5.1 Dobly Digitial Surround Sound
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Product Description

Sun Direct New Connection with SD Set Top Box Hindi NCF 1 SD Package Six Month Free

Sun Direct New Connection with SD Set Top Box Bengali Hindi DPO 1 SD Package One Month Free

Sun Direct HD Plus Recorder set top box allows you to enjoy your favorite television programs in HD format. It offers you extraordinary picture clarity which means you get to view 5 times more clear pictures than compared pictures that are telecasted through a standard definition set top box. Bright colors and sharper images offer you an intense TV viewing experience.
This set-top box is also backed up with Dolby digital 5.1 surround sound which gives you a cinema theatre experience. You can now watch the latest movies from the comfort of your home through a multilingual VOD service. Series recording allows you to record all the episodes of your favorite TV program. You can go back to the missed part of the show and watch it again with the help of the rewind button. The fast forward button helps you to skip advertisements. The pause feature allows you to pause or resume television programs at your convenience. You can also get complete information about the program that is to be telecasted through the Multilingual electronic program guide.

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